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Brand story

 Emma Summerfield, Founder & Owner

The youngest of 3 sisters, I recognised early on the power of women. And not just when it came to fighting for TV remote!

As I grew up, I unfortunately realised that the world saw women differently to me. Globally, the gender pay gap sits at 31.4%, there are 980m women and girls living in poverty, and, women are much less likely to take care of their own finances, leaving them vulnerable and dependent on their partners.

I was deeply shocked. As a financial services professional and self-confessed independent woman, I couldn’t believe that these inequalities existed in the world. And even worse, how they are greatly magnified for people of colour and people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

I had to make a stand. I had to do something. Anything! So, one day, in a small London flat I came up with the idea of starting a business, Aster & Lion, that would change the world for women through business opportunity.

Enabling female entrepreneurs by selling their products, choosing to do business with ethical brands that pay fairly and, of course, choosing only impactful manufacture for our own products such as social enterprises. These are all ways we create a brighter future for women. By putting money in their hands and ensuring that they are treated fairly for the value they bring.

This brand has been created for the change makers, the bold people who hear these issues and want to make a difference. There has been no moment in history when women have had greater power than they do today - our invitation to you is to use that power to make an impact.

Choose to change the world through what you buy, and make a difference to another woman today.

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