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Our ethos

We exist to connect you - conscious women - to beautiful, fairly produced jewellery that empowers its creators. No matter if they are here in the UK or abroad.

To achieve this, we have developed our own guiding principles which we strongly follow to ensure that the piece you receive has been made ethically with love and care.

Guiding principles

  • We empower people to create their own independence and future. Everyone, regardless of race, gender or social background, should have the opportunity to make a living for themselves in safe conditions.
  • We work with partners who are independent and primarily use hand made methods, slowing down consumerism which contributes to environmental harm. Small scale production and slower production processes will help create a more sustainable future for people and planet.
  • We prioritise style, quality and affordability, making timeless ethical jewellery accessible to everyone.

What we do

Our principles run through our business, here’s how we bring them to life and embed them everyday. 

We know how difficult it is to find jewellery that is ethical, beautiful and affordable. We take that pain away for you by searching high and low for the best pieces. Many of our pieces are found here in the UK.

When we find a potential partner, we validate how each piece is made to ensure your jewellery is ethical. We look for Fair Trade, ethically sourced and/or hand made jewellery. If everything goes well we establish a relationship based on trust and transparency. 

Unlike other brands, we are guided by our customers and invite them to feedback on jewellery before it is added to our collection. We love to hear what you think! Once customer approved, it is available to purchase from our website. 

All Aster & Lion packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can be assured that you are helping people and planet.

Gold, silver and precious metals are mined which makes it so important that the people working in them are in safe conditions. Fair trade ensures this and that they are paid a fair minimum price, that the environment surrounding them is looked after and there are no illegal practices such as child labour. 

Similar to Fair Trade, except being a Fair Trade practitioner means you have to pay a significant license fee which is unsustainable for a lot of small, independent businesses. Partners that ethically source visit their mines or factories frequently, and have put agreements in place to ensure that sustainable standards have been met. 

Hand made jewellery is jewellery entirely made by hand. It is beneficial to people and the environment because it enables traditional jewellery making to flourish and prevents fast fashion production which is highly destructive to the environment. Our jewellery is often hand made in the UK, which means you can have even greater assurance that the people who made your jewellery have been treated well and paid fairly.